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This 1 of 65 OEM manufactured IMSA Championship Edition CTS-V Sedan is a "1 of 1" given the performance and accessory modifications. Of the 200 IMSA Championship Editions manufactured and shipped worldwide, 180 were produced in North America and this vehicle is 1 of 65 Crystal Tricoat Tricoat CTS-V sedans built to commemorate Cadillac's 2017 IMSA Weathertech Championship. The special edition models celebrate Cadillac’s first-ever endurance racing Manufacturer’s Championship.

Powered by 6.2L (376 CI) supercharged V8 with direct and secondary port injection with variable valve timing and active fuel management engine now delivering 880 horsepower to the wheels and approximately 1,000 horsepower to the crank. The objective of this build was to "performance enhance" the powertrain and drivetrain to support the additional power which has resulted in a vehicle that is reliable and fun to drive both on the street and the track.

The engine components, transmission, driveshaft and axles have all been upgraded and these components have less than 1,000 miles since installation. For detail specifications visit the Specsand Modspages on this website. The original MSRP was $106.3K and over $70K has been invested by the owner (fully documented by receipts).

It performs well as a daily driver, cruiser or track car and is tuned convservatively to run on either premium 95 octane pump fuel or E-85. The tune will self-optimize and adjust fueling based on the percentage of Ethanol in the tank. The vehicle mostly is only driven to local events and the majority of the mileage was accumulated when the vehicle was acquired in Portland, Maine and driven to Dalllas/Fort Worth, Texas and then in 2020 driven round trip from DFW to the Rolex 24 Hour event in Daytona, Florida. During the trip to Daytona on pump premium fuel the vehicle averaged 21mpg.

For performance measurement purposes, the vehicle has made passes once at the Texas Mile in 2019, at 4 Airstrip Attack 1/2 Mile events and 4 Texas Motorplex Drag Strip 1/4 Mile events. Best 1/4 Mile E/T: 9.68 - Best 1 Mile Trap Speed: 194 MPH (before major mods) - Best 1/2 Mile Trap Speed 171 MPH

A Certificate of Authentication was delivered by General Motors in 2018 signed by the President of GM, Steve Carlisle. An engraved "steel" blueprint of the vehicle specifications as manufactured by GM was also produced to document the OEM specfications of the vehicle.